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Sunrise from the terrace
The perfect setting
The perfect setting

Naturist Etiquette

For some, naturism is a carefully considered lifestyle; for others, it is no more complicated than a day at the nearest nude beach. What connects these two extremes is the sense of freedom naturist activities provide.
The naturist, when naked, always carries a small towel to sit on. Don’t put your naked bottom on a seat, public or private. Even in Naturist homes, people sit on towels. You should put your towel on the seat in the bar, on the lounger around the pool, on the settees or dining room furniture in the apartment. It’s just simple hygiene.

If you’ve gone out for a stroll and then decide to sit in the bar to have a drink, and you’ve just got a tee shirt on, take your tee shirt off and sit on that. To place a bare bottom on a seat is considered bad mannered. Everywhere within the zone is naturist - including the streets were nudity is permitted, NOT required. Naturist urbanizacions require users of their swimming pools to be naked (i.e. bathing costumes are NOT allowed), but otherwise many owners and visitors only go naked to sunbathe and to swim in the sea. It's a good place for first time naturists as there's no pressure - but most soon discover how good it is to go naked. Within the confines of our Urbanisation while using the garden and pool area you are expected to be naked.

It is not necessary to dress when you go out of your urbanisation you can walk completely naked throughout the extensive Naturist Zone and if you do not wish to dress at all, several of the beach bars are naturist and serve food and drink all day and into the evening. Most of the bars and restaurants in Vera playa are 'naturist friendly' or 'welcome naturists' - and it's not too much of a hardship to slip a pareo or towel on, on the odd times you might feel out of place or outnumbered.

If you take too much sun you may want to cover up and ladies sometimes want to wear something on the bottom. However, walking about, the normal wear is either long baggy tee shirts or wrap (pareo) or beach towels. Most children wear beach towels around their waist except on the beach. Of course, some people will be entirely naked most of the time, and by the end of your holiday, you might be too.


Genuine naturist photographs can be wonderful souvenirs; but, understandably, people with cameras are the object of suspicion, especially when they have long lenses. If you want to use a camera, be discreet; keep it carefully pointed at yourselves or at the landscape rather than at other people unless you have their consent; above all be careful not to offend.

Please Note

Arrival time is after 15.00hrs and check out and key hand back is 12.00hrs (unless by prior arrangement).

The apartment is to be left in a clean and tidy condition on departure, with all dirty laundry/linen placed in the washing basket provided, in preparation of the caretaker washing & preparing for the next guests.

All breakages/damage to apartment fixtures/fittings and contents are to be reported immediately to the key holder for replacement/rectification. So as to ensure that future guests are not inconvenienced by such a loss.

The Hirer and party members are responsible for ensuring that due care and attention is taken of the apartment and its contents during their stay.

The Hirer and party members are to give due consideration to other residents and to respect the naturist environment of the urbanization and surrounding naturist zone.

We cannot be held responsible for personal injury or loss or damage to your own personnel items/effects and recommend that personal travel insurance is taken-out with a company of your choice.